Spring happenings

I have not kept my goal for blogging this year. Let’s see… what has happened in our lives lately?

  1. Danny is six months old, and almost 18 lb.

2. There was a winter storm in Houston like a month ago, and we lost power and water. The house got around 50F, so it was like camping, but nicer.

3. We also went camping. Emerson ran a 50K trail-race, and I am training for a 5K pushing Danny on the stroller.


4. Homeschooling is going well. There are days that are complicated because Danny cries all the time, and I just can’t teach the children some subjects. Other days he sleeps well and we can have a lot of subjects done, but not as many as we were used to. I am looking forward to having a long break, but not too long, otherwise they will forget stuff. LOL!

Some people have told me I need to relax, that the children will do fine with school. I am trying to believe that. I am trying to remember that you don’t have a baby every homeschool year, right? Right? If we do have another baby (and it is my prayer that we do) then it will only get crazier, but sweeter 🙂

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